The Print and Play is now Free!

Due to recent events, I have decided to release the Print and Play of The Big Fix for free! Feel free to download the game and share it around as much you like:

The Big Fix has started to get negative feedback on boardgamegeek and The Dice Tower, which I am hearing loud and clear. The most common piece of feedback was that the first play through was either too confusing or not enjoyable enough to be played again. I completely agree! The Big Fix is a somewhat tricky game to pick up, and I never intended it to be a blast the first time you play it. I designed the game for hardcore boardgamers to be able to play it again and again, and for the first play through to be a bit of a trial run. The best way I could think to get the game out there to be tried out and critically reviewed by people who have given it a fair shot is to release the digital version for free!

If you’re a fan of The Big Fix, have never played it, or hate it with a burning passion like Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower, I encourage you to try out the game for free, then try it again at your next game night. How many of us hard core gamers can honestly say that we bought a board game so that we can play it just once? Speaking for myself, I hated some of my favorite board games the first time I tried them out, but I played them again because I trusted both the designers and the feedback from my friends who had played it more than once. The best board games can be enjoyed just as much the 5th time you play it as the 100th time, which is what I had in mind when creating The Big Fix.

I hope you all enjoy the game, and if you have any questions or comments please email me at


Aleco Pors

The Big Fix promo video

Check out our first video for The Big Fix! Its a promo video, aiming to get people excited about The Big Fix and to hopefully check out our upcoming video series on how to play the game. I hope you all can appreciate a little dry humor!

The shipment has arrived!

The first print run of The Big Fix has arrived safely at my home! Lexor games is now officially open for business. We will begin sending out the game to our Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers in the next week, and start to accept orders for the full version of the game through our website here.

I hope you all are as excited to play the game as I am to send it to you all. Please feel contact at me if you have any questions or feedback regarding the game!


Aleco Pors

The Big Fix creators featured in article on independent game development, and box art revealed.

Hello detectives, I have two exciting pieces of news for you all!

Myself (Aleco Pors) and Kevin Maxon have been featured in an article about independent game development in the Klipsun, the quarterly magazine of Western Washington University. The article talks about the modern climate of game development and what it takes to make it as an independent game developer. You can take a look at the article here:

Also, we’ve also finished the box art for the game!



Hope you enjoyed the news, and see you all next time!

– Aleco Pors


The Print and Play has arrived!

Today is a big day for all of us at Lexor Games, the Print and Play is ready! What does this mean? It means The Big Fix is finally done. We’ve been testing, tweaking, and putting the finishing touches on The Big Fix for months, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all. The game is polished, balanced, and ready to be played worldwide.

The Print and Play

The Print and Play is officially available for digital download on our website. Come check out the product page here:
If you are a backer of our Kickstarter project, you should have received an email from Kickstarter requesting your email address. This email address is required for us to provide you a coupon which will allow you to download the Print and Play for free. If you did not receive this email or if you received this email and are having trouble downloading the Print and Play, please contact me via Kickstarter or via email at

What about the physical copies of the game?

Now that all of the assets for the game are complete we can begin the printing process with our print company, Panda Games. They estimate that this process takes anywhere from 4-6 months. We will be sure to update you on the progress of the physical game as we receive news about its progress, including an update in the near future which will show off the finished box art of the game!

How did the prerelease events go?

In a word? Amazing! The turnouts for both events were incredible, particularly in Bellingham.

Bellingham Prerelease
Bellingham Prerelease

We had 4 tables at Dark Tower Games filled with people playing The Big Fix, many of which were first time players. The first-timers picked up the game very quickly and the event was a blast for all who attended. We got valuable feedback from the first time players and quickly learned that our rulebook required several updates before it would be ready for release to the general public.

The Seattle Prerelease at The Raygun Lounge had a slightly smaller turnout but was just as fun. It drew many players who had previously played the game, and along with them some excellent games of The Big Fix.

Seattle Prerelease. My father, an avid playtester, can be seen on the right in Noir attire.
Seattle Prerelease. My father, an avid playtester, can be seen on the right in Noir attire.

Any other news?

After talking to out print company, we were told we could add two extra cards to the game at no extra cost to printing. After some discussion, we decided to add two brand new tokens to the game! Both the Fatale and Consort have abilities which target one other player at the start of a turn. We added tokens to the game to help each player keep track of who was targeted by the Fatale and Consort.
Here they are:
Fatale Token
Fatale Token
Consort Token
Consort Token
As always, if you have any questions or feedback please contact me via Kickstarter or by email at I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Print and Play!


Alexi Pors

The Big Fix Update – December 2013. Rulebook Preview, Gameplay Changes and More!

Hello friends,

Its been a couple of months since our last update of The Big Fix, so we’d like to give you all an update on what we’ve been working on since our last update and what we’re currently planning for the future of The Big Fix.

We’ve always set out to create the highest quality tabletop game possible, and no high quality tabletop game would be complete without a top-notch rulebook. The amazing Erin Hovland has been designing the rulebook for The Big Fix, and we’re currently in the final stages of completing our beautifully designed booklet.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Role Cards section of the rulebook:

Note – the resolution of these preview images is lower than the final resolution of the rulebook, and not reflective of final rulebook quality.

The first page of the Roles section
The second page of the Roles section

In addition to working on the rulebook, we’ve been coming up with some changes to the gameplay of The Big Fix based on feedback we’ve been receiving from our backers and friends who have been beta testing the game. The feedback from the beta has been extremely positive and encouraging, we couldn’t be more excited to get the game finished and in the hands of our backers!

With help from to the feedback we’ve received from the beta, we’re now ready to make several changes to the gameplay of The Big Fix which we will be testing throughout the completion of the rulebook and leading up to the release of the game:

1. To help make tiebreakers a little more interesting, an extra option has been added to the Duplicity bonus during the Dawn Phase. The winner of Duplicity during the Dawn Phase may now choose from the following options:

  • * Become the Mastermind. If two or more players tie each other with their Moxie Cards during the Dawn or Night Phases, the Mastermind may choose the winner of the tie. Any player who chooses to become the Mastermind remains as the Mastermind until a new player wins the Duplicity bonus during the Dawn Phase and chooses this option.
  • * Move any Clue from the Evidence Zone into the Buried Pile.
  • * Move any Clue from the Buried pile into the Evidence Zone.
  • * Steal a Clue from another player’s stash. Clues may only be stolen from players who did not play a Moxie card during the Dawn Phase, or from players who played a Moxie card during the Dawn which loses to the winning Duplicity card. Stolen Clues may be placed into the Evidence Zone, the Buried pile, or into a player’s own Stash.

2. To help players determine the identity of both the Murderer and Detective, a new Clue has been added to the Clue Deck called “The Murder Weapon”. The Murder Weapon works as follows:

  • * If the Murder Weapon is in the Stash of the Detective at the end of the game, the Detective may reveal the Murder Weapon from their Stash before they guess the identity of the Murderer.
  • * When the Murder Weapon is revealed from the Detective’s Stash, if the Fingerprint trait of the Murderer is face-up and the Clue which matches the Murderer’s Fingerprint trait is in the Evidence Zone, the Murderer must reveal their Agenda Card.
  • * If the Shark has the Murder Weapon in their Stash at the end of the game, the Shark scores 2 additional points.

Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed to the beta test, and we hope you enjoy the new changes to the game!

In another piece of exciting news, we will be hosting events for The Big Fix in the Bellingham and Seattle where anyone can drop in to play the game and hang out with its designers! We’ll be sending out another update with the final dates and locations for these events soon.

Now for the big question, when can you all expect to be receiving your full copies of the game? Unfortunately, we’re a little behind schedule for the full release of The Big Fix and we still aren’t capable of providing an exact date for delivery of the game. Here’s our current schedule for the project, and we hope it will help shed some light on when you can expect to receive the game:

  • * December 2013 – January 2014: Complete the Rulebook and Box Art and continue testing of gameplay.
  • * January 2014 – February 2014: Host gameplay/meetup events for The Big Fix in Bellingham/Seattle.
  • * February 2014 – March 2014: Release the final Print and Play edition of The Big Fix and send the final version of the game to our printing company.
  • * March 2014 – ???: Work with our printing company to create the physical copies of The Big Fix. Our printing company estimates 70 days for this process.
  • * Once printing is completed and the games are shipped to our location in Bellingham, we’ll get to work on shipping The Big Fix worldwide! This should take us a couple of weeks.

Thank you all very much for your patience with The Big Fix, and we hope to see our backers from the Pacific Northwest at our Big Fix events in the coming months! As always, if you have any questions or comments about this project, feel free to contact me on Kickstarter, via email (, or on The Big Fix Beta forums.


Alexi Pors

The Beta Is Live!

The Big Fix is beta is here! The final character art is done, the rulebook is ready, and we can’t wait to start hearing all the feedback.

We’ve set up a forum for discussion of the beta and all other things Big Fix, Film Noir, and tabletop gaming (the link to it can be found at the top of the page). To add the forum to the website, we needed to go from web hosting to a “true” web host. With the new host, we now have complete control over the website and can start to create some cool new features! Expect to see a store for the “print and play” and pre-purchase of The Big Fix in the near future.

Stay tuned for more news, opinions, and updates on The Big Fix as the beta goes into full swing!

Characters, Roles, and the Cop

Mr. Kevin Maxon (our artist) has been working very hard these past few weeks to bring you our biggest artistic update yet, the completed art on each Role card and each non-backer Character card!

Along with the new art, we are announcing for the first time a brand new role which we have added to the game, the Cop! We originally planned only 7 roles, but some re-balancing of the game made the Cop a necessary addition. Here it is, in all its glory!


The cop is one of three roles (along with the P.I. and Swindler) who add one to the total of Moxie cards you play during the Morning and Night Phases. When we decided to add Savvy to the P.I. and Duplicity to the Swindler, we needed an 8th role to receive a bonus to Gumption. The Cop seemed like a natural fit, and we’re very happy with how the Cop plays and feels in The Big Fix.

Now, for the Character cards:

CharacterCardsAttempt-09 CharacterCardsAttempt-07 CharacterCardsAttempt-06 CharacterCardsAttempt-04 CharacterCardsAttempt-03 CharacterCardsAttempt-05 CharacterCardsAttempt-10 CharacterCardsAttempt-11

We still have 3 Female Character cards and 1 Male character card left to draw, which will all be based on backers from our Kickstarter campaign. You can look forward to seeing those character cards, along with the rest of the art which we have yet to release, in early September. Next, the Roles:

RoleCards-09 RoleCards-08 RoleCards-07 RoleCards-05 RoleCards-04 RoleCards-03 RoleCards-02RoleCards-06

As you can see, we’ve continued with our theme of shaded figures for each of the Role cards. We want our players to be able to easily envision their Character card in the setting depicted on their Role card, which is very difficult when you’re dealing with 2 different genders. Given the challenge of creating Role cards for both genders, I’m extremely happy with Kevin’s artistic ability to blur gender lines in Film Noir.

Hope you enjoyed the update! We’ve been working hard to get the beta ready for our Kickstarter backers, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on the art and gameplay of The Big Fix.

‘Till next time,

Alexi Pors

How’s The Big Fix? Print and Play news, and new Art!

Hi noir fans, its mid August and time for our first real update on our progress on The Big Fix since the end of our Kickstarter Campaign.

I’ll start off with the question which is probably on most of your minds, hows the progress on the Print and Play coming? We said on Kickstarter that our target date for the play at home version of the game would be August.

Short answer – Its going great! August 30th is still August, right?

Long answer –  We are extremely happy with the current state of the game. The Big Fix has improved by leaps and bounds since our last update and its shaping up to be an even better game than we would have imagined possible a couple months ago. The art is coming along swimmingly (as you can see later in this post) and we plan to have the rest of the art completed soon.

With that said, myself (Alexi), Aron, and Kevin have all had busier summers than we had envisioned when we launched the Kickstarter, and as a result it has proven harder than we would have liked it to get all three of us in the same room. The playtests have still been coming along and continue to provide us valuable feedback. It feels like each time we play the game we can walk away with another small improvement. That’s exactly what you want from a playtest, to be able to walk away with something to improve the game, but it also means that the game still has improvement to be made before it can be considered finalized.

The Big Fix as it currently stands is a really fun game! We promise. It’s not perfect just yet, but its getting close.

So here’s the plan – only to our backers on Kickstarter, we’ll be releasing the “beta” version of The Big Fix very soon as a print and play (as soon as we finish up the last piece of art, which should be in a couple of a weeks). We couldn’t be more exited to release the beta version of The Big Fix, we view it as a win-win for both The Big Fix and our Kickstarter backers. Not only do our backers get the digital version of the game we promised them in the time-frame we promised it to them, but we can take this opportunity to improve and fine-tune The Big Fix through the advice and feedback of our backers on Kickstarter. How cool is that? Only through crowdfunding is it possible to have your investors, customers, and beta-testers all be the same person.

We’ll be sending out a message on Kickstarter and making another blog post on this site when the beta print and play is ready. That message will have more details on how to give feedback, the current state of the game, and the next few steps before the game is ready to be print. Oh, and just in case you were worried about it, we’ll still be releasing the final game as a print and play and sending said final game out to our backers as promised.

Now for the fun part. New art! First up, the final three Agenda cards:

Early illustration for The Detective Agenda

Early illustration for The Detective Agenda


Early illustration for The Schmoe Agenda


Early illustration for the Suspect Agenda

And now, for the first time ever as a group, the vice cards!




Courtesy of our wonderful artist, Kevin Maxon.

If you haven’t messaged me on Kickstarter or via email before (the email is for those of you who would like to get in touch with me), I respond to every single message I get in regards to The Big Fix. I’m generally pretty quick to respond, and take each question and criticism I receive very seriously. If you have any questions about the print and play beta news or anything else regarding The Big Fix, don’t hesitate to send me a message or even to comment on this blog post.

See you soon,

Alexi Pors